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    i love you jin

    • my Dear,i really wish to speak with you about love/trust but am very busy with office works right now,just drop me a massage on,(lorena_20110@hotmail.com) i will reply and tell you everything about me,Ok

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    you looks cool i like

  • how are you? long time no see your post....
    hope you doing okay

    maybe your situation is not really good for you right know,
    the world is rolling, sometimes up, sometimes down

    just one message from me,
    stay strong with believing your friends, a good friends, and family.
    no matter how hard your life, how bad you look,
    they will always support you.

    congratulation for your baby,
    educate him with a good lesson,
    since you already know, all side of the world, the good one and the bad one, you are going to be amazing dad. im sure

    sorry for my bad english
    we, your fans, also always support you,
    you are not alone,
    GANBATTE from Indonesia ...!!

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    Hello, Nice to see your profile on my search. Do you mind to be my friend? you can contact me through this my email address (jenny_milat@ymail.com) so that i can send you my picture and more about myself ok waiting to hear from you soon,